• A bottle of Pyren Vineyard Shiraz/Sauvignon Blanc from the Pyrenees, Victoria.

Pyren Pentagon Shiraz/SB

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2018 Pyren "Pentagon" Shiraz/SB - Pyrenees, VIC

We're big fans but also friends with the folks behind Pyren Vineyard. Founded by brothers Brian and Kevyn Joy in the late 90's and now helmed by their respective sons Leighton and Andrew, their wines are stunning examples of Pyrenees elegance and showcase their cool climate, quartz laden soils. The SB here is Sauvignon Blanc, think of it as their take on the classic Rhone Valley addition of a small amount of Viognier to Shiraz. This adds some extra lift and fragrance to this aromatic, structured, medium bodied Victorian Shiraz. If you love your Shiraz with some solid elegance, this is your jam.