• A 700ml bottle of RT Legacy Spirit "Phyllis" Australian Gin.

Legacy Spirit Phyllis Gin

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Short story: A bright, citrus forward gin with a heavy dose of pink grapefruit for flavour, almonds for texture and roase, jasmine and elderflower for aromatics. 43%

Long story:

It has been a long time coming but finally, Tristan's mum is immortalised on a bottle of gin. 

Tristan's brother Glenn and his business partner Serena founded Legacy Spirit in the aftermath of losing their mothers back in 2019. Initially named Mother's Milk Gin Co., the first tribute gin was Marie, a bold, rich London dry style gin with Phyllis meant to follow soon after. Plans were soon put on hold as a long protracted legal battle with a South Austrlalian based winemaker ensued and plans were put on hold while they fought tooth and nail. Time passed. Covid happened. The fight raged on. A settlement happened followed by a rebrand. And now, Phyllis is finally here and we couldn't be happier to stock her.